Woodbine Meats, Dexter Cattle

Woodbine Farm

We have our own heard of Dexter Cattle. Started in 1998 when we purchased two cows from a farm in Towcester we now have our own heard of homebred Woodbine Dexter Cattle. Dexter beef is some of the finest beef you will taste, of excellent quality and flavour produced from grass-fed cattle which graze our land for most of the year and during the winter are housed in large airy sheds being fed on our home produced feed. Our cattle are allowed to mature at their own pace and are hung for a minimum of 14 days allowing a full flavoured, tender meat which is prepared to your liking on the farm by our own butcher.

The Dexter breed is the smallest British breed of cattle. It is a dual-purpose breed, with the average weight of a cow being some 300 - 350 Kg's and standing 92cm - 107cm at the shoulder. There are two recognised types, short legged and non-short, both of which have their equal merits.