Woodbine Meats, The rare breed Lamb

Woodbine Farm

We have a flock of around 43 breading ewes and their lambs of Manx Loaghtan. Manx Loaghtan's originate from the Isle of Mann. Our flock started when my husband was 8 years old when his grandmother and father purchased him a ewe from the National Rare Breed Show. We now have a flock of ewes which we are very proud of and indeed still attend shows around the country of which we have had many successes in the show ring.

The Manx Loaghtan is descended from the primitive type of short-tailed sheep that once roamed throughout many parts of Britain, and is a member of the multi-horned group of breeds where animals may have as many as six horns. The Manx Loaghtan is hardy and small in size; an adult ewe weighs about 40kg. The number of horns in both sexes is variable, and occasionally polled animals occur. They are slow maturing and are normally butchered at about 15 months of age when they produce a lean, low cholesterol carcass weighing up to 18kgs. The meat is of high quality and full of flavour