Woodbine Meats, The home of rare breed Beef, Lamb and Pork

Woodbine Farm

Woodbine Farm - The Home of Rare Breed Animals

At Woodbine Meats our animals grow and mature at their own pace - unlike commercial farming. We don't force our rare breeds into weight gain. Instead we allow them to mature slowly, ensuring that the end product has a superior taste and flavour - unlike other forms of meat - is delicious, tender and priced competitively.

By buying Woodbine Farm Meat products you are supporting and helping an environmentally friendly way of farming. Assisting us in a number of ways with the preservation of the countryside, rural community & local economy, whilst promoting a good way of life for farm animals and the sustainability of our farm. You will also be receiving top quality, healthy meat at a fair price for both the farmer and you.

At Woodbine Farm we are proud of our good farming practices not just in the rearing of our produce, but in all of our farming activities. By arrangement, we would be more than happy to show you and demonstrate our commitment.

We would be happy to supply you with a leaflet and price list detailing all cuts etc available. Please contact us either via e-mail post@woodbinecottagemeats.co.uk or phone and we will be happy to send a leaflet out to you.