Woodbine Meats, The home of rare breed Beef, Lamb and Pork

Woodbine Farm

Although we do not have any breeding sows on the farm. We purchase our Tamworth, Berkshire, Saddleback and Gloucester Old Spot pigs from reputable rare breed breeder's within the area. Our pigs come to us as weaners at around 8 weeks old. We allow our pigs to mature slowly at their own pace allowing the end product to be full of flavour.

The Tamworth is one of the great 'dual purpose' pigs producing stunningly good pork as well as equally tremendous bacon. The Tamworth came top in a taste test carried out by Bristol University using both commercial and rare breed pigs in a scientifically controlled experiment..

The Berkshire although primarily black in colour, the carcass dresses out completely white, and has a high proportion of lean meat to fat. The flesh is fine in texture, and has a distinct flavour. The Berkshire is early finishing, which means the ideal carcass is around 36-45kgs (80-100lbs).

The Gloucestershire Old Spot is a large meaty animal with a broad and deep body and large hams. Its white coat has large clearly defined black spots.

The Saddleback is a striking animal, black with a white unbroken band over the shoulders and down to both front feet. The body is deep and long. The Saddleback produces high quality pork and bacon - pork that has real flavour and taste.