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Dexter Beef prices

Dexter cattle are a minority breed cattle. They were until recent times a rare breed. They are the smallest of our native breed of cattle in the UK and were originally an Irish hill cow.
Dexter beef is traditional beef, tasting like beef used to. It is fine grained and well marbled with creamy yellow fat that disappears like magic during cooking.
The meat, which is hung for a minmum of 14 days, is full of flavour, tender and can be cut and prepared to your liking by our own butcher.

Silverside £8.50 per Kg
Topside£9.25 per Kg
Rib£14.00 per Kg
Fillet Steak£32.00 per Kg
Sirloin Steak£16.00 per Kg
Rump Steak£12.50 per Kg
Braising Steak£5.75 per Kg
Beef Mince£5.25 per Kg
Top Rib£5.51 per Kg
Shin£5.00 per Kg
Stewing (cubed)£5.50 per Kg
Stewing (rolled)£5.10 per Kg

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