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Manx Loaghtan - Lamb prices

Manx Loaghtan are a primitive breed from the Isle of Man, this breed is justly renowned for the quality of its meat which is lean and well-flavoured.
Our lambs are reared in the old fashioned and welfare friendly way. We raise them slowly, do not use any feed additives or growth promoters and use small abattoirs and also butchers who understand quality meat, hang it carefully and prepare it properly.

Shoulder £5.50 per Kg
Leg£9.00 per Kg
Neck£3.00 per Kg
Breast£3.31 per Kg
Cutlets£9.90 per Kg
Loin Chops£9.00 per Kg
Chump Chops£9.00 per Kg
Barnsley Chops£9.00 per Kg
Mince£4.00 per Kg

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